Lack Of Employee Engagement? 10 Simple Ways To Improve Their Motivation

Ensuring employees are engaged is key in business, as it leads to a higher company morale and improved quality of work. Further, a lack of engagement can be a telltale sign that something is wrong. For companies finding that their employees aren’t engaged—whether it’s during meetings, feedback sessions or fun social outings—there are ways leaders … Read more

Do You Need Business Hazard Insurance?

You might be surprised and unhappy to learn that hazard insurance is not included in your existing business insurance policies. Business hazard insurance may be included as part of your commercial property insurance. If you have a mortgage, most likely getting business hazard insurance was a requirement. Check the specifics of your policies with your … Read more

How to Use Correlation to Make Predictions

Too many leaders take an incomplete approach to understanding empirical patterns, leading to costly mistakes and misinterpretations. As we have discussed before, one extremely common mistake is interpreting a misleading correlation as causal. We’ve advised countless organizations on the topic. We’ve written research papers, managerial articles, and even a book dedicated to the power of … Read more

How to Price Your Services as a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. That startup life, right? The one where you’re barely making ends meet. In crippling debt. Worrying why you left the security of your full-time job. But *record scratch* Why is this our view of entrepreneurship? Why do we constantly have to be hustling in the DM’s, working … Read more

5 Principles of Purposeful Leadership

Growing up, I thought successful leaders were supposed to figure out all the answers on their own. Being smart — and making sure everyone else knew it — seemed to be their most striking attribute. The best schools were supposed to lead to the best jobs, which produced the best leaders. Power, fame, glory, and … Read more

Austin’s Will Hurley on the city’s incredible tech rise – TechCrunch

Laura Lorek has lived in the Austin area since 2000, where she’s been writing about established companies like Dell, NI, IBM, Apple, Oracle, Google, Meta and tech startups like Opcity, now, Homeaway, now VRBO, RetailMeNot,, Homeward, OJO Labs and others. She also covers consumer packaged goods startups, medical tech and biotechnology ventures. She … Read more

6 Important Tips for Improving Your Emotional Control

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It can be a difficult concept to grasp, knowing that almost all circumstances and events that happen, will happen outside of our control. The truth is, there are too many factors in the world for us to be able to control and predict everything. Instead, we can … Read more

8 Reasons Why Health Care Providers Should Offer Telehealth Visits

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for what really matters in both our personal and professional lives. Healthcare providers have especially faced new challenges, such as balancing best-practice patient care and reworking guidelines to protect and support their personnel. These challenges gave telehealth—the digital distribution of health-related information and services—a chance to grab the … Read more

Cottage raises $15M to make it easier for homeowners to build custom ADUs – TechCrunch

An easing of laws around the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) around the US has opened up opportunities for companies that build such structures. Cottage is one such company. The San Francisco-based startup has developed software and a marketplace that connects homeowners that want an ADU with contractors who can build them. And it … Read more