The Fear of Commitment: Why ‘No Obligation’ Is Music to Your Customers’ Ears

Rachel Blakely-Gray is Content Manager at Patriot Software, LLC, a provider of affordable online payroll and accounting software for small businesses. At Patriot, she enjoys providing actionable, growth-oriented information for small business owners. Latest posts by Rachel Blakely-Gray (see all) We live in a world with endless options and opportunities: where to live, where to … Read more

Glean aims to help employees surface info across sprawling enterprise systems – TechCrunch

At enterprises of a certain size, keeping track of data including apps, employees, and projects is becoming increasingly challenging. According to McKinsey, employees spend 1.8 hours every day — 9.3 hours per week, on average — searching for and gathering information. The veracity of metrics like these has been challenged over the years. But it’s … Read more

Heartex raises $25M for its AI-focused, open source data labeling platform – TechCrunch

Heartex, a startup that bills itself as an “open source” platform for data labeling, today announced that it landed $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Redpoint Ventures. Unusual Ventures, Bow Capital, and Swift Ventures also participated, bringing Heartex’s total capital raised to $30 million. Co-founder and CEO Michael Malyuk said that … Read more

5 construction tech investors analyze 2022 trends and opportunities – TechCrunch

Often, industries that have great potential to be disrupted is also the most resistant to adopting bleeding-edge technology. While legacy sectors like transportation and energy have embraced new tech, innovation in the construction industry has been slow to take hold. Even though many large construction firms manage internal R&D units, more than a third of … Read more

The Value of Home-Based Businesses to Economic Recovery

Ilana Preuss is the founder ofRecast City LLC with more than 20 years of experience in community development. She’s an experienced speaker, see her TEDx presentation, “The Economic Power of Great Places.” She serves on the board of directors for the national nonprofit, Incremental Development Alliance. Latest posts by Ilana Preuss (see all) The challenge … Read more

Forerunner, Bezos back Arrived, a startup that lets you buy into single-family rentals for ‘as little as $100’ – TechCrunch

Arrived has raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Forerunner Ventures to give people the ability to buy shares in single-family rentals with “as little as $100.” Returning backers include Bezos Expeditions, the personal investment company of Jeff Bezos; Good Friends, a venture fund run by the CEOs and co-founders of … Read more

7 Critical Elements for Your Startup Landing Page to Convert

Lesley Vos is a professional copywriter and guest contributor, currently managing the blog at Bid4Papers, which helps students and authors with writing solutions. Specializing in data research, web text writing, and content promotion, she is in love with words, non-fiction literature, and jazz. Latest posts by Lesley Vos (see all) So, you’ve decided to launch … Read more