How to Instill an Entrepreneurial Spirit Across Your Entire Team

Let’s face it — instilling an entrepreneurial spirit across your team doesn’t happen by accident. Stale ideas won’t help a business thrive, especially when there’s no entrepreneurial spirit. Competition is so keen in so many industries that you must separate your business from others. Keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive the way others have been doing … Read more

Keep Family’s Schedule Running Smoothly with Office 365 Calendar

Family life these days can be hectic, demanding, and stressful. Most parents have to juggle multiple schedules, watch after their children, and still have time to work on their own obligations at the same time. Scheduling with Office 365 Calendar can help you keep all your events straight. Calendar – Calendar Create a Calendar with … Read more

How to Harness the Power of Your Creative Employees Without Losing Your Mind

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You hired them because they were brilliant — but now they’re getting on your last nerve. Creatives are typically passionate people. When they’re free to create, they love what they do. They’re idea-generators. They see the world through a different lens. They’re inspiring. But sometimes, they don’t … Read more

How To Stay Organized as a Freelancer

Organization is essential for any professional. However, if you’re operating as a freelancer, it ramps up the essential nature of staying structured in your daily work activities. Calendar – Calendar Not only do you need to maintain an organization for your actual work. You also need to keep different clients and administrative duties in order. … Read more

We’re Past COVID — For Productivity Go Outside and Breathe

I’m not an expert. But, it does appear like we’re approaching the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. What, between less severe variants and reduced mask mandates, it certainly feels like we’re somewhat back to normal. If anything, COVID-19 will become epidemic and we’ll have to deal with it like the flu. Calendar – Calendar Regardless, … Read more